Movie Characters Demonstrate Proper Social Distancing Techniques 

Chris Bellamy
四月 1, 2020 2.5k views 25 items

Movie stars and the characters they inhabit have long been our de-facto role models. We want to look like them, dress like them, talk like them, be like them. And what if - and just stick with us here - we could social-distance like them, too?

Sure, the movie business isn't exactly saturated with movies about rapidly changing social behaviors in the midst of global pandemics, but what if the clues to our shared survival were hidden in those timeless celluloid frames all along? What if Jake Gyllenhaal's most important cinematic accomplishment was not Zodiac or Brokeback Mountain or Nightcrawler but, in fact, Bubble Boy? What if the absurdly long dinner table shared by Bruce Wayne and Vicki Vale wasn't just an awkward bit of rich-dude opulence, but a signal - a Bat-signal, if you will - of proper safety measures for our future courtships?

The more you look, the clearer it becomes that the rules of etiquette for our new, quarantined reality were hidden in plain sight all along - like unconsciously deployed, subliminally received object lessons in how to behave in the days of self-isolation. Sure, one might argue these presumptive social distancing techniques by movie characters are merely incidental - happy accidents of specifically chosen freeze-frames. But why risk it? Why not, instead, take a look at these images and see if they might be not just memorable moments from movie history, but genuinely good advice.